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Google Account + Office 365 Online + OneDrive

Unlimited storage in Google and 1Tb in OneDrive! Plus the Office 365 online suite for only USD $20

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We offer a Google ‘education’ account which includes services such as Gmail, Google Drive, Photos, Sites and more. Each service has an unlimited storage capacity. Yes, that’s right! UNLIMITED.

It doesn’t stop here - in no more than 20 seconds we’ll guide you through a few simple steps such that you can also get a Microsoft ‘education’ account, with with you will receive Office365 and all it has to offer. You can use the entire Office365 suite on up to 5 devices simultaneously

Amazing isn't it? Hard to believe it but it is true! and many people are already enjoying these wonders at a very low price!Wait, there’s more! With this Microsoft account, you will be able to gain access to 1TB of storage through OneDrive. Combined with Google Drive, you will have unlimited capacity!

There are no monthly/yearly recurring fees. You need only pay once.

Amazing, isn’t it?It’s hard to believe, but it is true! Many people are already enjoying this fantastic offer at an incredibly low price

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We will assign you a randomised email address with which you can log in to Gmail and get all of the aforementioned services. Alternatively, you may request a personalised email address for slightly more. This will be done manually so you may have to wait a little longer. We will deliver you a randomly generated password with which you can log in. Once logged in, Google will prompt you to change this to your own.

The next step is signing up and validating yourself as a Microsoft Student, using this new email address. This will grant you access to the entire Office365 suite with access to OneDrive’s 1TB of storage.

Each step is easy. We will guide you every step of the way, and you’ll be up and running within a matter of seconds!



These are some of the questions that often make us arrive, be sure to read them ;)

Can I upgrader my current Gmail account?

No. We will give you a new, unused account. It is not possible to upgrade your current account. That said, you can associate both accounts with each other and use them together without any issues.

Can I associate my new account with my currently account?

Yes. You can associate both accounts with each other, allowing you to access both simultaneously.

Can my account be personalised with my name?

Yes and no. Normal account names are randomised; for example We do, however, offer the possibility of personalising your account name for a slightly higher price.

Do I have to use the same password for my Microsoft and Google accounts?

No. These are your accounts and the companies are not related. You may choose your passwords freely.

Can I access my account from any device?

Yes , You can!

How do I pay?

Payment is one-time. After you have made your purchase, you’ll never need to pay again. Brilliant!


By buying now, you get an account with a randomised name instantly. Transfers also have randomised name. Please note there is a delay as the process is manual. i.e. alexis.sanchesz@ = delay (no more than 24 hrs)


$14.000 CLP


$20 USD


$30 USD o $21.000 CLP


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Account duration

While both accounts (Google and Microsoft) are setup for life, it does not mean you can abuse each service. It is possible that your account will be blocked by Google or Microsoft. It is your responsibility to respect the policies of each company and use the accounts in a way which will not affect normal operation of their services.


See how to pay with bank transfer or make the custom application for your account (at an extra cost)


To pay by bank transfer, send an email to We will respond with the data and instructions to carry out the purchase.


To buy an account with a customised name, you should email us at and provide us with the first name and last name that you want for your account. It will be in the format firstName.lastName@… We will then respond with the details for carrying out the purchase.